Intensive Check-up program

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Intensive Check-up program table
Thorough check-up for heart Electrocardiogram, echocardiography, exercise load test
Thorough check-up for stroke Brain MRI & MRA
Thorough check-up for female cancer Pap test, gynecological ultrasound, human papillomavirus test
Thorough check-up for prostate Prostate ultrasound, testosterone, and prostate tumor marker test
Thorough check-up for breast cancer Mammogram, breast ultrasound
Thorough check-up for lung Chest X-ray, low-dose MDCT, lung function test, sputum test
Thorough check-up for spine Lumbar and cervical spine X-ray, lumbar and cervical spine MRI, bone density examination
Thorough check-up for joint Knee X-ray, knee MRI, bone density test
Thorough check-up for digestive Epigastric ultrasound, gastrointestinal and colonoscopy, tumor marker test (2 types)
Systemic cancer Screening for systemic cancer with a small amount of blood
Differentiated check-up program by job type
  • Providing preferential programs exclusively for companies
    : Preferential health check-up programs exclusively for companies are provided by companies over a certain amount.
  • Program customization according to the amount of support
    : It is possible to configure the optimal personalized program by company support amount.
  • Configuration of customized re-examination program
    : Based on the previous results, not a general health check-up every year, but a personal health check-up program and additional tests are configured and schedule a consultation or send an email.
  • Rapid connection to partner hospitals
    : When abnormalities are found after health check-ups, linking so that you can quickly receive treatment at a partner hospital/clinic.
The only one in Gunsan! Two medical specialists of occupational and environmental medicine reside. It is possible to prevent, diagnose, and treat environmental diseases such as occupational diseases and health disorders that may be caused by harmful factors contained in the surrounding environment.